Saturday, August 21, 2010

Monster Portrait

This monster portrait is done using a combination of solid black and complex lines. Unlike Pointillism Portrait, and Line Portrait, this type of portrait it not drawn to exactly as the photo shows you to be, this one requires imagination and ability to see what isn't there. If you would like to order this monster portrait, send me your photo (good quality) and describe what monster you would want to be drawn as. You can order portrait through here or you can order this monster portrait from my etsy shop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pointillism Portrait

Pointillism portrait I did a long time ago. Takes a long time to get it done, I mail these withing 10 days unlike all other portraits because it takes so long to get it done. Pointillism portrait can beordered through my etsy shop or through here, which ever is more convenient for you. This portrait is $300 for one person, if you would like to have more then one person on the portrait it will be extra $100 for every extra person.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Custom Portrait in Complex Lines

This Type of portrait is done in pen and ink using complex lines. To have this portrait done I will need a good quality photo that will allow me to see face in details. The price of this portrait is $80.00. It costs more then portrait in solid black and complex lines because it takes longer to draw. I hope it will not turn you away from this option though because I believe this style of portrait looks great. I will mail the portrait within 3 days of your order.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Custom Portrait in Solid Black and Complex Lines

 This portrait is done in pen and ink using solid black in combination with complex line work. All I need to draw this type of portrait is a good quality photo. I can make small adjustments to the image if it is desired. For example for this portrait I changed the dress to make it more appealing. If you would like your portrait done, simply email me your photo and I will mail it to you within 3 days. If you would like a safe transaction option you can order it through my etsy shop.